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T-Shirt Quilt Instructions

Table of Contents


  • Introduction: T-Shirt Memory Quilt Instructions and Tips
  • Supplies Needed:

Step 1: Pick Out the T-Shirts

Step 2: Wash All the T-Shirts

Step 3: Cut T-shirts Apart

Step 4: Cutting the Quilt Squares

Step 5: Add Any Extensions, Appliqués, Trims, etc. to Individual T-Shirt Squares

Step 6: Arrange the Squares

Step 7: Sew the T-Shirt Squares Together

Step 8: Trim (Optional)

Step 9: Prepare the Quilt Back Fabric

Step 10: Putting the Layers Together

Step 11: Tie Each Intersection

Step 12: Stand Back and Admire Your Beautiful Memory Quilt! (Quilt Gallery)


  • Helpful Bed Size Information
  • Finished Quilt Sizes
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